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If you’ve just purchased a new home in Frankston, it’s vital that you organise building inspections, and pest and termite inspections early. If you don’t, you could be stuck with a home which may end up costing you much more to fix. Inspect A Build has building industry professionals on hand to spot both minor and major faults in your Frankston home. Inspect A Build provides sound building inspections to ensure that homeowners are making the best buying and selling decisions possible.

Inspect A Build can take care of your Frankston pre-purchase buildinginspection

If you’ve found your dream home in Frankston, then make sure you organise a pre-purchase building inspection. Inspect A Build inspectors have many years’ experience, and so understand exactly what to look for that will ensure your home is in the best possible condition. Before you hand over your life savings, let our team provide you with a written building inspectionreport and photographs within 24 hours, so you are aware if there are any issues ahead of time.

Protect your Frankston investment with pest and termite inspections

When checking your recently purchased Frankston property, do you know what to look for during apest and termite inspection? If not, you should make sure you call in an expert like Inspect A Build. We are experts when it comes to pest and termite inspections for Frankston homes. It’s no secret that a termite infestation can ruin your home, which is why we provide pest and termite inspections as a part of our pre-purchase building inspections. There are some very common spots that are particularly vulnerable to infestation including the foundations, the walls and the roof. Our inspectors use the latest tools, and have years of training and experience that will help determine the location and extent of any damage.

Housing inspections will save you money on your Frankston home

We know that you want to move into your new home without any major problems, which is why housing inspections in Frankston are vital. Having an Inspect A Build inspector who has worked previously around Frankston will be worthwhile, as they will likely know the areas which are most at risk. Remember, it is ideal to have a professional who has a broad understanding of all types of damage, and Inspect A Build can conduct general housing inspections as well as pest and termite inspections. Should any serious hazards be identified, Inspect A Build will be only too happy to offer you some expert advice on how to go about finding the best solution.

To organise a housing inspection, or pest and termite inspection, speaking to Inspect A Build about all your building inspection needs today.

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