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Inspect A Build in Mornington are your local company for pre-purchase building inspections. With extensive knowledge of the Morningtonhousing industry and issues that may affect your home, Inspect A Build will provide you with thorough building, and pest and termite inspectionsbefore you even move in. Our inspections will only take a few hours, and are well worth the time, effort, and peace of mind, in order to help you avoid possible expensive repairs in the future.

Inspect A Build, experts in Mornington building inspections

Why are building inspections so important? A pre-purchase building inspection in Mornington allows you to relax knowing that every aspect of your new home is in the best possible condition, keeping your family safe and sound. Building inspections can reassure buyers in a variety of building inspection areas such as mould, structural integrity, pests, and asbestos. Importantly, our team will evaluate the building in the context of its surroundings which may contribute to future problems. The team here at Inspect A Build will deliver your detailed written report, including photographs, within 24 hours of completing the building inspection.

Talk to Inspect A Build about pest and termite inspections in Mornington

As well as building inspections, Inspect A Build provides pest and termite inspections. Quite often to the untrained eye, the subtle symptoms of a termite infestation can be easily overlooked. Early detection of termites is essential in order to minimise large scale structural damage and repair costs. Without a pest and termite inspection, this big problem maycontinue to go undetected for some time. The best preventative plan you can put in place to avoid pest and termite infestations, is to book regular inspections with Inspect A Build.

Housing inspections could save you a fortune on your Mornington property

Wouldn’t it be devastating to learn that your new Mornington home was not safe to live in? With a housing inspection from Inspect A Build, we will ensure that there is nothing about your home to be concerned about. If we find an issue during your housing inspection, we can offer you advice on the repair costs, so that you can financially prepare or make a decision based on the facts. Or, you may instead choose a property that passes all housing inspections. No matter your needs, our inspectors will visit your site from a neutral perspective and be able to offer an honest and expert assessment.

For all your housing inspections, and pest and termite inspections, call Inspect A Build in Mornington today.

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