Pre-Handover Inspections

What an exciting time it is when your dream home is completely built, and you finally receive the keys to the house you’ve been building for months.

Despite this excitement, it is essential to proceed methodically in this step of the process, as many of the defects, faults and evidence of shoddy workmanship that are often found in newly built homes aren’t discovered until after the owner of the property has moved in. In these cases, getting these issues fixed becomes exponentially more difficult due to the extra factors, such as access issues and interruptions to the client’s time and space that come into account once the house is being lived in. To avoid this happening to you, we can carry out a pre-handover inspection on your property prior to you receiving the keys. This inspection will allow you to rest assured that your new home is exactly as it should be before you move in, as it includes:

Roof Frame Inspection 

We examine the roof frame inside and out to ensure it has been constructed in compliance with the relevant industry standards. This includes ensuring that the tie downs are secure; tiles, ridges, flashings and guttering are correctly fixed and that all insulation is properly in place.


We will examine the paintwork, plasterwork and levels of your walls to ensure that there are no cracks in the plaster or paint and that all walls are squarely constructed. Additionally, we will check all doors, hinges, window frames and sanitary fixtures and fittings to ensure that they have been correctly installed and are fully operational.

Lighting, Fixtures and Fittings 

We will thoroughly inspect that all electrical connections have been safely installed, including all fuses and safety-switch connections.

Internal Plumbing

We will examine all internal plumbing, including all tap ware and other kitchen, laundry and bathroom installations to ensure that it has all been correctly installed and have not been scratched or damaged in the process

Woodwork and Decoration

We will identify any scratches or other damage to walls, flooring and other elements of the house that are often caused during the construction process, to ensure that your brand new home feels as newly built as it is.

Our experienced inspectors can pick up even the smallest defects in your new home, even when the contractor may have made attempts to cover these up improperly.

In order to ensure you are able to move forward with having these repairs taken care of as swiftly as possible without too many delays to you moving into your new home, we will have a full report to you within 24 hours of completing the inspection.

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